Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bikram the fashionista

Lucky me, this evening Bikram Choudhury spoke on my campus! I rushed out of recruitment practice and made it (about 30 minutes before he started, apparently he's always late) in time to hear the infamous and controversial Bikram speak about yoga, life, India, etc. While I love to attend the occasional Bikram Yoga class, I'll admit that I'm a little skeptical of some of his preachings. I mean, the man said, "What's the best kind of food? No food." He's got to be a little off his rocker.

With a nickname like "The Bill Gates of Yoga," you know Bikram has the cash to fund a pretty absurd wardrobe. Nonetheless, I was still surprised to see him wearing these Yves Saint Laurent Leopard Print Boots.
Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, but I was relieved when someone else asked about his shoes during the questions segment! He claims he got them on sale, but we all know he can spare the $795. His custom suit on the other hand, was allegedly a mere $15.00 and made of silk that he purchased in Soeul, Korea. Bikram's ensemble was completed with a white fedora and a brightly colored tie and pocket square. Regardless of his philosophy, he was quite the entertainer!

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