Friday, November 12, 2010

winter white

I know: rules are meant to be broken. But I'm sadly not much of a rule-breaker when it comes to dressing for the seasons. So, you can imagine my unease while attending my sorority's new member initiation this past weekend - a ritual requiring that we wear white. In November.

Until a recent trip to Forever 21 (where else?), all of my white dresses practically screamed "Easter!" or "high school graduation!"(seriously.) That is, until I found this pretty lace frock:

Of course, it's not online. Bought it for something like $20...

...paired with this blazer (also Forever 21)...

...add some polka-dot tights...

...with some black suede boots like these (mine are DVF purchased from Gilt).

I will definitely be wearing this outfit again soon. How do you wear winter white?

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